Wealth Harvest

“A Dream without a Plan is just a Wish” 
– Katherine Patterson

Dream + Plan + Action = Revenue!

Have you tried to plan – and simply found that it’s confusing or it doesn’t quite ‘fit’ who you are?

Do you resist planning – but know the value of having a plan?

Are you running around doing everything the marketing experts say – and feel deflated and exhausted?

Then it’s time for ‘Wealth Harvest’:  the ultimate marketing planning program *especially* for spirited service business owners!

You’re a possibilities thinker.  You’re optimistic.  You believe that “what you think about, you bring about.”  You have a strong Faith.  You resonate with the principles of “The Secret.”  You use your intuition in your decision-making.  You’re a creative thinker.

But, then, you feel conflicted because you’re running a practical business as a spirit-led person.  You know you need a plan, but you never seem to create one – and if you do, you don’t really use it.  Maybe you just don’t know how to do it on your own and could use some guidance.  Even then, there’s a disconnect ‘out there’ because the planning programs and classes available feel sterile and don’t incorporate your personal belief system.

That’s where Wealth Harvest comes in.

“Wealth Harvest:  Rake in the Revenue with Sustainable Seasonal Planning” takes an integrated approach to planning.  You’ll learn to blend your belief system into practical promotional planning.


Here’s how Wealth Harvest is different from other marketing planning programs:

Instead of ‘quarterly/annual’—à You’ll use nature’s ‘seasonal’ cycle to plan

Instead of rigid—à you’ll have the flexibility you want within the plan

Instead of knowledge-based—à your plan is belief-based

Instead of starting with practical goals—à you’ll start with your life purpose

Instead of a one-time exercise—à you’ll use your plan as a weekly tool


J. Lee Galanti“I notoriously would over stack my list of projects and corresponding to do lists, so I would end up always running short on time and having things get backlogged… If I hadn’t taken the program, most likely I would still be overwhelming myself and constantly putting out fires anxiously as I darted from task to task… Now, I’m in control of my schedule rather than being ruled by it. It’s freeing.”

– J Lee Galanti – Strategically You

You know you need a plan so you buy program after program, hoping this will be the one you follow through to the end. But there they are, still unopened, collecting dust on the shelf.

I’ve been there. It wasn’t fun.

Until that Aha moment when I incorporated my MBA and Sales Coach academic training into my feet-on-the-street entrepreneurial (and spiritual!) reality – and created a marketing planning system for creative, visual thinkers like us!

Wealth Harvest: Rake in the Revenue with Sustainable Seasonal Planning is a home-study program that walks you through – step by step – the thought and planning process to turn your great business ideas into revenue.

The Wealth Harvest system takes all those amazing creative thoughts of yours and places them into orderly direction – so you can finally take action!  It blends the best of planning, with some open architecture, so you have the flexibility you crave.  Finally, it incorporates some foundational principles of the Law of Attraction so that you’re moving through your activities in alignment with your purpose.

Wealth Harvest teaches you the practical planning architecture you need to successfully run your business – and also invites your Spirit-self in to play!

[If this already sounds like exactly what you need, then skip down the page to the bottom in order to see the program details.]

Claudia Sandman“I think your system if FLIPP’N Brilliant. I have never had someone explain to me how to truly plan. I can see the big picture but I am not good breaking things down into actionable tasks. This makes it so much easier! I wish I had this system back when I was in College. Just breaking it down makes things manageable and takes the ‘overwhelm’ away. I have always managed to get things done before but it was like pulling teeth and I always had a huge weight on my shoulders – always worrying about the little pieces and being afraid that something was falling through the cracks.”

Claudia Sandman – Oomph Design, Inc.

 You’ll use your goals as a visioning exercise – based on who you are and how you want to create your business – and your weekly tasks will keep you moving towards your vision.

  • Lesson #1:  The Why – You’ll establish the foundation of your business focus around YOU and your purpose.  You’ll learn why this is important for all of your marketing and how it works for you in everything you do.  This starting point ensures you root your business deeply in order to prepare for sustainable growth. 
  • Lesson #2:  The Who/What/Where – You’ll learn how to look at the people you want to serve in a very personalized way so that you can speak to them in a way that’s compelling to them.  Once this process is created, it makes it SO much easier to find them – and for them to come to you.
  • Lesson #3:  The How – Most entrepreneurs start here and go way off track early in their business.  Applying the How planning at this later stage makes your activities so much more targeted, effective, and efficient.  You’ll be spending your promotional time and money much more wisely, with a much greater return.
  • Lesson #4:  The When – Few entrepreneurs get to this stage of implementation.  They’re ‘up in the air’ when what they really need is a functional ‘tether’ to help keep them grounded.  This weekly practice will regularly keep you on the path towards your vision – and within it, allows you the intuitive flexibility you need.

Christine Grasso
“The Wealth Harvest program is fantastic! Even though I have a background in marketing and I consider myself an ‘organized’ person, my marketing plan was nothing but organized. The methods in Wealth Harvest are authentic, spiritual, and practical. I know those seem like incongruent terms, but this is exactly what us heart-centered soloprenuers need! The program offered me a way to tap into who I really want to serve, where my passion is, and then gave me a way to put a really practical and DO-ABLE plan in place. Since doing the program, I have actually stuck to the plan and completed all my tasks each week – wow! Thanks and Namaste to Christine for providing me with the motivation to keep on going and changing the world!”

Christine Grasso – Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Food Allergy Expert, Yoga Teacher

So what’s the cost?

You get:

– 3-hours of planning instruction and education by a face-to-face marketing expert! $1,100.00 value
– 12 marketing planning worksheets you can use again and again, every season! $97.00 value
– 4 instructional audios with supporting transcripts to guide you through, step-by-step! $147.00 value
Total Value: $1,344.00
NEW 2016 PRICE: ONLY $75!

It’s like getting a VIP Program with your own coach!

Commit to yourself and your business NOW

Wealth Harvest: Rake in the Revenue with Sustainable Seasonal Planning

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100% Guarantee

If you complete all 4 lessons of Wealth Harvest and attend all the Q&A sessions
within the allotted 30 days of the program, and you aren’t further along in your
marketing activity planning than you’ve ever been before – I’ll refund your money.
It’s a simple as that.  What I want for you is to bring your full amazing light into
the world.  Wealth Harvest can get you there, if you step in, get support, and stick with it.